What is the difference between yagé and ayahuasca?

Yagé and ayahuasca are incredibly similar in use but slightly different in preparation. Instead of using P. viridis, yage is made with Diplopterys cabrerana leaves. Yagé is believed to be stronger than ayahuasca due to its higher DMT content and is more often used in Colombia, whereas ayahuasca is more often used in ceremonies in Peru and Costa Rica.

What does yagé taste like?

It’s difficult to describe the precise flavor of yagé. Some people say it tastes like prune juice, while others say it’s more like licorice. Generally, it’s strong and bitter, with a slightly sweet, herbal flavor.

How long does yagé take to kick in?

After drinking yagé, the effects begin within 20-60 minutes. 

How long does it take yagé to wear off?

This depends on the dosage, and whether or not you’ve drunk multiple cups. Generally, the experience will last between 4-6 hours or longer. 

Does yagé cause hallucinations?

Some people experience hallucinations and others do not. Everyone’s experience will be different. Most people have strong closed-eye visuals, and see fractals with their eyes open. Some people will experience open-eye hallucinations to varying degrees.

Does everyone vomit from yagé?

Purging can happen in multiple ways. Many people vomit, but not all. Vomiting can feel like a relief for some because they are feeling nauseous. Purging comes in the form of vomiting, defecating, urinating, crying, shuddering, or yawning. Remember that it is a part of the process and will often make you feel much better.

What are the dangers of taking yagé?

Yagé is intensely psychoactive and can be challenging physically and psychologically. To mitigate any potential interactions with contradictory drugs, you must inform the LACUNA team of any medications you are taking, including:
-Other MAOIs
-SSRIs (please consult with your physician before discontinuing the use of any SSRI medication)
-Appetite suppressants
-Cold, flu, sinus, hay fever, or other allergy medications include Benadryl, Robitussin, etc
-Central nervous system depressants

Yagé can accelerate heart rate and is not suitable for some people with certain heart conditions. If you have ANY cardiovascular problems, you must disclose this information to LACUNA at the time of application. If you are unable to partake in yagé ceremonies due to a pre-existing heart condition, we may still recommend other plant medicines. We will only serve what is safe for you and your health. 

If you have any history of mental illness please disclose at the time of application. It is incredibly important that we are aware of any mental health conditions. This does not preclude you from participating in the ceremonies, and Taita Jairo will serve you what is safe for your specific conditions. Everyone is served according to their own personal health, goals, and with Taita Jairo’s guidance.
***Disclaimer: Ayahuasca and other plant medicines are not a cure-all for physical and mental ailments, nor should they be used in place of life-saving medicine. The LACUNA Colombia retreat center is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified physician or other health care professionals.

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