How To Prepare For a Retreat

There are many things to consider when preparing for a plant medicine retreat. First and foremost it is good to start with an intention. What is the reason for attending? Is there something that you’d like to heal, learn or understand better? Start focusing on why you are going.

Try not to go with any expectations. You won’t be able to figure everything out in a week, it’s the beginning of a journey not the end.

Maybe you just want to learn from plant medicine or connect with the rainforest. Or maybe you are sick and want to find out why and how to heal. Are there tough decisions that need to be made? Start to meditate on your intentions and journal before you go to get a better understanding of how you feel. Try not to bring too much to do on one trip. Be patient and you’ll have more clarity.

Before you go, make sure that you communicate your health history with your facilitators. If you are taking any medication you must tell them to avoid any adverse effects. People with a history of heart disease should not be drinking strong medicine like Ayahuasca, it will elevate your heart rate and can cause cardiac arrest. If you have any history with mental illness, make sure not to leave that out. Taking medicine with antidepressants can be dangerous. Some facilities have strict rules excluding people with more serious conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Others will treat those conditions but are careful when doing that work. You don’t want to put yourself in danger, taking the correct precautions is always best.

Everyone who works with plants has different diets for preparation. At LACUNA, we suggest that guests don’t eat any pork in the weeks leading up to drinking Yage. It’s best to stay away from red meat and even chicken but it is not a requirement. We eat chicken, fish, vegetables and fruit. It is always better to stay away from processed foods and to be conscious of what you are consuming. A clean, natural diet is best.

Before you arrive, start taking time away from the news and consuming excessive amounts of media. Spend more time reading, meditating and walking.

Being in the rainforest requires a basic level of physical fitness. At LACUNA, we walk often and being there can be tiring. We will have a doctor onsite for all retreats to treat medical emergencies.

The weather changes often there. It can rain for days and be chilly then very hot when the sun comes out. You will be immersed in the forest and need to be comfortable with the weather changes and getting wet. Being there is a major part of the growth, get comfortable in the environment as soon as possible.

It is normal for people to purge a lot initially and not feel connected to the medicine. Be patient and make sure to take every opportunity that you have to drink more Yage. People often refuse a second cup during a ceremony because they don’t want to get nauseous but it is important to keep going if you can. It’s also important to know your limits and pass when you have had enough.

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